To the future love of my sons life…

You will never get to know the precious boy I know now. Before the world influences him, before he gets his heart broken, before life gets complicated.

The boy that snuggles with me and tells me I’m beautiful and that I’m his precious darling.

The boy that lights up when we give him the smallest surprise and squeals.

The boy that is so proud to be learning how to read.

The boy that gets scared of storms and the dark.

The boy that doesn’t want us to leave him because we all love each other so much and every second counts.

The boy that has eyes as blue as the sky and a heart as big as the ocean.

The boy that can’t keep a secret to save his life.

The boy that scores a soccer goal and immediately runs over to get a hug.

The boy that argues with me about who loves who more.

The boy that is so incredibly happy every single day.

The boy that grabbed my face last night with both hands and said “I will love you forever.”

You will know him a little different, definitely older and much wiser, but I know that he will be the sweetest man you’ve ever known. I will always be his first love and you will be his last.




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