Crib to Toddler Bed – How you can do it in no time!

A big milestone for both you and your child is transitioning them from a crib to a big boy/girl bed. It’s stressful and exciting but I will share with you my method in hopes it will make the change a smooth one.


Taking the front off the crib is the first step in working toward the end goal, but doing it in baby steps. At the same time we did this we purchased an extra long crib rail. This still gave the feeling of being mostly closed in, but still quite a change. Sit with this change for a couple of weeks.


Now comes the decision between a toddler bed and a big bed. Either choice is completely fine, for us ultimately we chose to go straight to a big bed. We chose a twin bed because I didn’t want yet another hurdle to overcome once our child got used to the toddler bed for a more extended period of time.


Finally it was time to make the move. We positioned the new twin bed in his room with the headboard and one full side against a wall. We then purchased this extra long bed rail from AMAZON. Again this gave him the comfort of feeling secure and protected. Only the bottom of the bed was open in full. We also asked him what he would want as his room decorations (Thomas the Train was the winner). This makes it a big exciting reveal and also makes them more likely to be excited to sleep in their new bed.

I, like most moms was terrified that my child would never sleep again, he would be running around the halls at night doing who knows what, but it turned out just fine. I personally feel like the slow transition set us up for success. Now that the business is done let’s all go cry about how fast they are growing up.

Meghan Vance – Hey Nashville



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