Nordstrom & Loft Fashion Finds. Check them out!



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  1. Stripe Peplum Tee – I love anything with stripes and anything navy and white and for $20 bucks I mean, it’s a win for me.
  2. BP Twist Hem Tee – Super lightweight but has a cute little detail and for $18.90!
  3. BP Ruffle Cotton Eyelet Top – This is adorable for Spring and Summer!
  4. Vince Cameo Kensa Peep Toe Booties – I think these are SO CUTE. Plus you can wear them from Spring to Fall
  5. Audrey Ankle Strap Sandal – These are obviously a color that goes with everything but I have trouble finding a comfortable heel height. This one is perfect for that.


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  1. Fringe Hoop Earrings – I’ve always loved Loft jewelry but they are stepping up their game as far as having more bold pieces.
  2. Lou & Grey Signature Soft Hoodie – Lou & Grey dresses are my go to so this hoodie looks so amazing and comfortable
  3. 4 Way Stretch Denim Leggings – These are my favorite pants and now they have them in all these cute colors.
  4. Ruffle Shell – Blush is one of my current fav’s and this top is so pretty and dainty in that color.

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