1. Hmm, I feel a little sore, man must have had a good workout yesterday. Oh wait, I haven’t worked out in 3 years. That can’t be it.
  2. I’m sooooo tired. I wonder if my kids can learn to feed and clean themselves by tonight.
  3. Oh crap, I think I might be getting sick. There’s NO WAY it’s the flu though(yes we got our shots), even though both of my kids have it. (Flu Denial Phase)
  4. Just tested positive for the Flu, now what, I don’t feel all that bad really. Just body aches and a little fatigue at this point. I’ll just take my medicine and enjoy some extra TV time this weekend.
  5. HOLY TAMIFLU, I think I might not make it out of this mess. I take back what I said yesterday, I take it back!
  6. Fever ensues and “i’ve got chills their multiply’n.”
  7. Broke my fever thank the lord and now I feel like there may actually be light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. I feel so much better I think I could run a marathon. Haha yeah right.

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