Must Try!

Today I am going to share 5 of my favorite household products.

  1. My current favorite is Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap.


We have them all around the house and buy the big refill bottles so we are always stocked up. It smells amazing, fresh and is mild on our family’s sensitive skin. I equally love that this company was started by a mom of 9 named Thelma Meyer. She set out to create products that smelled nice and not like harsh chemicals. She did just that! Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day

2. Next up are the Downy Un Stopables.


We tried EVERYTHING to get our towels to smell nice long after washing. Fabric Softener just didn’t cut it. FINALLY we stumbled on these at Sam’s Club one day and figured why not try. I can’t live without these now. The towels smell amazing when you first wash them and 2 weeks later. Its really incredible. You just pop a cupful of these into your wash load and that’s all she wrote. This is a must try in place of standard fabric softener. Downy Unstopables

3. Bona makes a great Hardwood Floor Cleaner that I have been using for years. It cuts through the grime and its easy to use. Leaves you with a beautiful and shiny hardwood floor. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner


4. Can’t forget the toilets in this conversation. For that we like the Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaners. Definitely grab the value pack while you are at it. This one is unique with 0% Bleach (which I love because I gag at the smell of bleach) but instead uses Hydrogen Peroxide. I like how its angled because no one wants to get up in there too much lets be honest and its helps you clean 99.9% of bathroom viruses and bacteria. Lysol 


5. This product I just found and I am so excited to try as a mom who has gone through multiple bouts of Strep and Flu with my two boys in two months! As a hand washing and purell addict this winter I am excited to try another Purell product. It’s “worry free around kids, pets and food” which to me is a win/win. Purell


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