Don’t forget the kids with food allergies this Valentines Day

When my youngest was born I got a swift kick in the butt into the misery of food allergies. It’s something I literally just never thought about until I had to deal with it, like most people. My son was one of the lucky ones to grow out of his allergies but now I always remember those kids. Especially on the holidays like Valentines Day, Easter and Halloween, but even at school parties.

Any time I can I make sure to ask if there are any allergies in the class. If there are I simply stick to non-food items. It a simple thing to do, no more expensive and the item sure does last longer than sweets.

I am part of a social media group of moms that share their struggles with their kids in regards to food allergies. It’s tough to see. They have to provide their own snacks at school just in case it happens to be someone’s birthday. They don’t want them to feel left out when no one even considers the child that could die being close to peanuts. It’s a daily and constant struggle for them and all I’m saying is we can switch our thinking just a hair to the right and make things safe and fun for all.




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