To the mama who is up at 3am

I know what you are thinking the second you hear that sound come over the baby monitor. How do I peel my head off of this pillow again. You are so exhausted in every way, physically and mentally.

You are so tired you want to cry but you don’t even have the energy to do that.

So you just stand up and start moving, to that sweet perfect little child of yours. Then you hold them and something takes over. That zone that only moms have the special power to enter. You just make it happen. You love them so much it hurts so that all of a sudden, like every time, takes precedence over how tired you are.

Guess what, this too shall pass. Obviously we all know that, but we do have to be reminded and encouraged, especially at 3 am. The nights feel so long but they do pass. You will get through it, and be that much stronger for it. I know my two boys have made me feel like a superhero.

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