The Millennial Mom: How to check off your to do list and never leave the car!

Life is SO busy. Everything and everyone moves so fast. I am a full time working mom at work and home. Thank the good lord above I have an amazing husband that cooks for me when he’s home because thats one huge thing off my list.

There is so much to do that I don’t have much time to waste when it comes to shopping. I think thats why I despise it so much. I have much better things to be doing.

Need groceries…

Kroger Clicklist is my personal favorite. You can log in online, and search for whatever you need. You can see the sale prices and what is in stock and fill that virtual grocery cart up. You can save payment information the first time and it makes it a breeze the next. To make it even more enticing your first 3 pickup fees are free. Sayyyy what!? I don’t have to drag my screaming kids into the store and you do all the work for free. YES PLEASE. Even after the free promo is up, its only $4.95 for a little extra sanity. They also now deliver to your house for an additional fee which can definitely come in handy. We’ve all had those days.

Need a last minute birthday gift…

Amazon Prime Now to the rescue. Now their selection isn’t huge for the same day Prime now service BUT there are plenty of things that will work perfectly fine for a birthday gift. You can even get a birthday card to finish off your order.

Want takeout lunch or dinner…

There are several services now that will bring you whatever fattening food your heart desires. Postmates, Grubhug, Order Up are some of the top services available…

I seriously want to bear hug the person who thought of all these.


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