Why you should RSVP every time!

shutterstock_491397130.jpgLately I have noticed the expectations on etiquette have slipped away. My mom always told me two important things in regards to parties. RSVP and always write a thank you note.

Simple right…

Well, apparently its not for a lot of people because you don’t see it much anymore. I don’t know if its a generation thing or what. But its horrible!

So, let me lay it out for those who don’t realize. The words RSVP are there for a REASON. So just do it! Get your crap together and figure out your plans and RSVP by the date on the invite. If you don’t it’s a. rude and b. doesn’t allow for them to plan properly. AND while i’m on the subject, if you don’t RSVP you definitely don’t just show up.

I have heard of several stories from parents lately where very very few people rsvp’d and they were terrified no one would show up at their child’s birthday party. Think about that. That is horrible to think of a 5 year old with no one at their party. So kid parties especially, RSVP. Weddings, they are paying A LOT of money to have you there. So again, just do it how and when you are supposed to.


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