Forever memories for your kids…

If you are like me, you have yet to finish those baby books. I kept trying to think of a way to connect what we use most, technology, to my kids, to document their lives in some way.
Then I started thinking, wouldn’t it be cool for my kids to not only have memories of their childhood but to hear it in my words, not only in pictures. So I created their emaemailil. I registered their email with their name for use when they are older.
I send my boys an email anytime I want to remind them how much I love them, or when they have a big moment in their life. On their birthdays I tell them about their party and what they are accomplishing at that point in their lives. I send pictures and videos that are priceless. I love being able to share everything with them. When they are old enough I will turn the email over to them and they will have tons of irreplaceable emails they can look back on and treasure forever.

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